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The ramblings of a seriously affected fiberholic heavily into spinning, knitting and her twins.


I'm thoroughly enjoying knitting with my handspun!  I love how this sock is coming out.  Here she is sitting out in the sun this morning after I

2015-04-01 08.04.32

I finished the heel yesterday and started cruising up the leg this morning.  Didn't knit on the ferry but read with a cup of coffee in hand instead.  I'm hoping to have this sock finished this week and take a week or so to finish its mate.  My goal is to knit 12 pairs, at least, this year.  I need to keep up with the influx of new yarn.

I've noticed that no matter how many sock patterns I collect, I almost always knit the same, plain sock over and over again.  The only difference is the yarns used.  They are very much mindless in that sense.  I guess that makes me a circular sock machine.  I do need to break out the CSM to start in on the backlog of yarns that I've amassed.  Maybe this weekend.  I'm still not confident enough in it to use the good yarns on it, but I do know I like how the Legare handles much better than the AK's that I had in the past.  Then I'll have to conquer my fear of the ribber.

Craft on!


With the ankle being what it is, I've had more sitting around time than I'm normally used to.  It is getting better and I managed to commute into the office this morning without too much of a problem.  I am sore though and halfway from the ferry thought it had been a bad idea to even try it.  Sitting down now, it is much happier.  It will be even better when the ibuprofen, which I meant to take before I left the house but didn't, kicks in. 

Anyway!  I finally finished that pair of socks.  It is safe to say, that was my last pair of two-at-a-time-afterthought-heel socks.  I didn't like the afterthought business, nor was I very happy with the two at a time.  Might be why it took me so darned long to finish them. 

2015-03-28 19.02.24

The yarn, as it almost always is, is from itw.  The Rav project details are here.

Along the finishing line, I also *finally* wove in the ends on the last pair of socks.  These go back a long ways.  Didn't realize they were sitting around waiting for that. 

2015-03-28 19.07.00

These babies are for Miss Kat.  And yes, as soon as I was done with my socks, I took care of hers. This meant that it was time for new socks!

I haven't knit with my own handspun in a while, it was time.  I recently posted this yarn as I spun it.. The fiber was spun and plied on my Hansen.  I did it a true 3-ply.

2015-03-16 21.18.51

For the curious, this is the fiber info:

2015-03-16 21.19.03

All wound up and sock started:

2015-03-28 21.23.23

Why yes, one at a time :)  Here it is this morning on the train:

2015-03-30 07.20.04

Love it!  As of getting off the ferry this morning, I am ready to start the heel.  Which I didn't do this evening.  Tomorrow is another day.

I also finished up another project that has been hanging about.  The knitting has been done a while, I wove in the ends. All that remains is a good soak.  Qualifies as finished in my book :)

2015-03-29 11.49.12

This was my second Emergency Landing, and probably not my last. It's a nifty little sweater and I'm quite pleased with how it came out.

Not to be done there, I also plied more yarn.  This final batch is 4oz braid of ITW in Inara, Polwarth/Mulberry silk.  I spun it on the Pegasus and n-plied on the Hansen.  It shall become socks.  Maybe.

2015-03-29 20.02.05

And on that note, I'm tired and sore.  Going to enjoy watching pre-season baseball and call it an early night.

Not crazy

I have to admit that I'm not crazy about the after-thought heel. I'm also not thrilled with two at a time. Halfway through this pair I swapped them to one at a time.

I just finished the heel of the first one and am fighting the urge to rip the second back and do a normal heel.

I'm getting nice knitting time since I stepped in a pothole and rolled my awesome right ankle. I've been off my feet since Thursday :(

- Craft on!

Start the day

I was at the mall with the kids last weekend, mostly window shopping.  One of the stops was the toy/calendar store where they were the 2015 calendars were 75% off.  Not having bought one this year, I perused them.  I found one that a quick glance of the back made me laugh out loud in the store.  I had to buy it.   Here is March's picture.  It makes me laugh every time I read it.

If you can't read the caption very well, click here.

Just wait until April!

Craft on :)


Yup I do still knit socks!

Having decided a few pairs back that two at once isn't all terrible, I on another pair that way. I didn't like the heel I had been using so I'm trying something different and new this go around. Would you believe that after all these years of knitting socks that I've never done an afterthought heel? Hard to believe I know! I'm finally trying it now. So far so good. That reddish pink row is the placeholder for the heel.

The picture was taken yesterday so I'm a little further along now. Hope to finish up the tubular knitting in the next day or so and then get to the heels. If I like this approach, I might just invest in some semi solids to use for heels and toes :)

- Craft on!

Why yes

I do still spin! I know I haven't shown any in quite a while ( not that I've shown much in the last year or so). I just finished a 4oz polwarth/mulberry silk blend in Inara color way from ITW.

I spun it at the fastest speed on my Pegasus. Going to let it sit for a day or two and then n-ply it

I had company as I finished up the single. My little furry friend:

- Craft on!


This is what it looks like when you remove the screws from the case of a MacBook Air. I'm replacing the 128gb SSD with something far larger. I repeatedly ran out of room and found that a 480gb upgrade kit - which included the necessary screw drivers and an enclosure to continue using the old SSD as an external - was far cheaper than buying a new Air. The replacement was easy and took about 10 minutes. Cloning the 112gb is taking a tad longer.

Might as well work on my new mittens while I wait until bedtime, though I wouldn't mind calling it a night early. I think I might.

- Craft on!


Sometimes there are serious challenges to being able to complete a project. You can run out of yarn. You can run out of time. You might not have the right needles. I have a new reason to not finishing the current project. Serendipity.

She sees me knitting something sweater sized and immediately nestles in my lap underneath it.
Now this cat never sits in my lap, unless I'm knitting.

- Craft on!

Proud Mama

I know this is predominantly a techie/fiber freak blog, but it also has elements of crazy mama every now and again.  The twins have been post fodder for a long time.  Kathryn did something yesterday that I absolutely need to document.  My sweet, wonderful girl made me so very proud.  

The day started out normal enough.  I was fed up with my current cell phone and wanted to take advantage of T-Mobile and their Jump to get something I would like more.  Alex has been coveting the phone I'd been using, so the initial plan was to head to a store and first swap phones.  He'd get mine on his line and I'd get his.  I'd then Jump his phone to the one I really wanted.. or use his for a bit longer.  Sounded like a good plan, but then Alex remembered that he had settled on his current phone and had honestly wanted something else, and not mine.  So he started making noise that he wanted to Jump his phone too.  I wasn't willing to eat the cost for two phones, but honestly, the poor 11 year old (yes they are now 11 which means I missed my blog 10 year anniversary - doh), hasn't got the funds to countermand mama yet.  He started pulling out older "toys" to list on eBay or Craigslist to make up the shortfall.

This is where Kat enters the picture.  She first offered to lend him the money.  The girl has got a stash of cash that puts me to shame.  While she isn't a miser, she has been hoarding cash for a while.  Allowance and Hanukkah gelt adds up rather quickly when you enjoy collecting it.  He wasn't convinced that he'd like to be indebted to his sister.  That's when she did something truly wonderful.  She disappeared into her room and came back with her iPod Touch, handed it to me, and said I could sell it to help fund Alex's phone because "he really wanted it".  I nearly broke down in tears.  I kvelled.  She makes me so very proud.

Time to enjoy my day off and maybe do a little knitting for a change.  My goal is to post more regularly, or at least try.  I do have much to share still.

Craft on!

Another New Year

Happy New Year and all that. After having quite a few days off, I'm back to work for a shortened day today.  That means more train knitting while listening to audio books.  Here are the first sighs of the year. These are for Kathryn and is the leftover yarn from my last pair.