iKnitCounter 2.0

Its now live on the Apple App Store!

Now with integration to Ravelry.

NOTE:  If you are seeing the app shut down when you click the Add + Ravelry, that is because you need to have at least one project in your Ravelry projects list that is in progress (which I believe requires a start date – month only suffices).  I will code a fix for this. In the meantime, add a project, set a start date and you should be able to add away.

If you have any active projects, you can select it..

Notes can now be synced with Ravelry as well:

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iKnitCounter 1.0

At long last Knit Counter has been re-written for iOS devices and with that came a new name:  iKnitCounter.  It has the same base functionality as the Android version:

  • multiple projects
  • multiple configurable counters within in each project
  • linkable counters!

There’s a FAQ here.

Adding a new project

Project listing view

Counter edit view

Project view - note the key on the "master" counter when linked!

I hope you like it. Please contact me if you have any problems, questions or suggestions!

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KnitCounter 4.2.3

One more fix for a problem I see in the logs a lot:

4.2.3 + fix for where you’ve linked your counters into a loop.  This now better detects and won’t increment a counter again after incrementing previously.

– tink will still cause it to crash if you’ve got a circular reference.  Please avoid this.

And a request, if you are having issues with the app, please contact me.  It is so disheartening to read comments on the Market that the app is buggy, doesn’t do this or that, etc.  Also, if you have the option when the app crashs to send the report to the developer, please do so.  Without those and direct contact, I won’t have the ability to make things better.  The last couple of releases are a result of the error reports from crashes.  I was able to tell from them what happened and could address.

Thank you.

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KnitCounter 4.2.2

Two days, two releases.

Apparently the fix for the sound on the newer versions of Android killed the older version.  4.2.2 should make everyone happy.

I discovered through the error reports available to me when you opt to send the crash report to the developer, that people aren’t linking counters quite right.   They are creating a loop where Counter 1 is linked to Counter 2, and then Counter 2 is linked to Counter 1.  When you click either counter then, you enter an infinite loop as the linking code kicks in.  Because 1 is incremented, 2 is, then because 2 is, 1 goes.  Rinse.  Repeat.  I’m working on a two-fold solution to this issue:

  1. Prevent future cross linking
  2. Clean up what’s already there

Its relatively easy to do where it is as simple as what I wrote above.  It can be more tricky where you have additional counters linked in a bit of a circle.

  • A -> B
  • B -> C
  • C -> A

Just so you know that I am working on it, to make the app work better for you, please make sure you aren’t doing something like this in your linkings.

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KnitCounter 4.2.1

Finally, after seeing a number of people have the issue with Honeycomb and the click sounds looping, I was able to reproduce.  And since I could now reproduce it, I could fix it and verify it.  So, there is now version 4.2.1 available in the Android Marketplace which addresses this annoyance.

I’m sorry that it took so very long to resolve this, but truth be told, I switched back to using an iPhone for my personal usage this past spring.  On the other hand, that means I’m going full bore to port this over to that platform!  It shouldn’t be too much longer before that sees its first release.

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KnitCounter – Honeycomb

There seem to be issues with the sound function looping the CLICK sound for users who have upgraded to 2.3 Honeycomb. While I try and devise a fix for this, you can permanently disable sounds by:

1. Going to the main application screen and click the menu button.
2. Select Settings from the pop up menu
3. Uncheck the Enable Sounds button

This will permanently disable the sounds for the application. When you change the settings within the actual project screen, that’s only for as long as that view is displayed. When you exit/edit/switch apps, the preferences for Sound and Screen lock that you set in the main menu take over.

If you are having problems with the sound, could you leave a comment as to what version of the Android OS / Device that you are using (i.e. DroidX with 2.3.1). It would help me tremendously in coming up with a fix.


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KnitCounter 4.2.0

Download it!

Release Notes for 4.2.0

~ Change “Set Start Value” to “Set Current Value” to better indicate what the number actually represents

+ Add the ability to set a Minimum Value for a particular counter

    Counter context menu with renamed and new value options

    Set Min Value view. If the current value for the counter is less than the minimum, the current value is set to the Min.

    Please note that if the current value of the counter is less than the minimum you set on this screen, the current value is reset to the minimum value.

    As always, please contact me if you have any problems, questions or suggestions!

    On a side note, I’m now in the planning stages of porting this app to the iOS platform! Look for it soon in the app store :)

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    Knit Counter 4.1.3

    Download it!

    Release Notes for 4.1.3

    • Modified Note edit screen to better fill screen and to allow scrolling within the box
    • Removed the save / cancel buttons from the screen and moved off to Menu option
    • Added Toggle Sound to the project menu.  Previously had only been available through the Main Screen / Menu -> Settings.  Changing the value on the project for both Stay Awake and Sound won’t change your default setting but will override it for now.  To change it permanently, update in Settings.

    Press the Menu button on the Project screen to access these options.

    Use the menu button to save/cancel your notes. You can now scroll within the box while you edit your note.

    As always, please contact me if you have any problems, questions or suggestions!

    On a side note, I’m now in the planning stages of porting this app to the iOS platform!  Look for it soon in the app store :)

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    Knit Counter 4.1.2

    Download it!

    Release Notes for 4.1.2

    • Help Screen accessible from the Main Menu
    • Defect fixes for better stability – addressed issue where it would crash when trying to open a project from a long list of project.

    Updated Screenshots

    Hopefully now those new to the android platform will have an easier time using the app.

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    SpinTech 2.0

    After a longer delay than I hoped, I’ve just released to the Marketplace an upgrade to SpinTech.  The much anticipated Logging capability is now included!  Also added the Manage Database functionality like that in Knit Counter.  You can save/restore your data to the SDCard.

    New main screen with additional button. Hit menu button for Database Management functions.

    Add a new yarn that you spun!

    Menu options available

    A gallery like listing of your entered spinning project - long press to delete one. Press Menu option to Add another.

    If you try to load these with the SDCard not mounted, the images will not display but the data will.

    As always, any problems, questions, feedback, please contact me either through email or a comment here!

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