KnitCounter 4.2.2

Two days, two releases.

Apparently the fix for the sound on the newer versions of Android killed the older version.  4.2.2 should make everyone happy.

I discovered through the error reports available to me when you opt to send the crash report to the developer, that people aren’t linking counters quite right.   They are creating a loop where Counter 1 is linked to Counter 2, and then Counter 2 is linked to Counter 1.  When you click either counter then, you enter an infinite loop as the linking code kicks in.  Because 1 is incremented, 2 is, then because 2 is, 1 goes.  Rinse.  Repeat.  I’m working on a two-fold solution to this issue:

  1. Prevent future cross linking
  2. Clean up what’s already there

Its relatively easy to do where it is as simple as what I wrote above.  It can be more tricky where you have additional counters linked in a bit of a circle.

  • A -> B
  • B -> C
  • C -> A

Just so you know that I am working on it, to make the app work better for you, please make sure you aren’t doing something like this in your linkings.

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