Version 3.1

Release notes for 3.1
  • Add additional counters
  • Edit existing counters
  • Delete counters
  • Auto completion options for Labels in the add/edit counter screen

If you hit the menu button from the Project view, there’s a new option to Add Counter which will take you to this screen.

The auto complete will give you the basic options for labels along the lines of :

  • Increase Rows
  • Increase Repeat
  • Decrease Row
  • Decrease Repeat
  • Pattern Row
  • etc

The context menu (long press) on the counter has also been modified to add Edit/Delete Counter to it.

Finally, here’s a view of the Project with more than 2 counters.

I’m working on a revision to the Note area for when you add more than 3 counters to a project as it gets far too small.   In the meantime, you can get a sizable note and 3 counters on a single screen.

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One Response to Version 3.1

  1. MaryR says:

    Thank you for emailing me the info on resetting/changing the counter so quickly. It works great on my Evo! This is absolutely the best knitting app!

    Thank you so much for making it for us!

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