Version 3.2

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Releases for 3.2

  • Add sound effect when counter is clicked
  • Add ability to toggle keep screen awake, but with battery saving dimming ability.  Default is disabled.
  • Changed Note area to text only on Project page, added editing capability on its own page for better viewing

Revised project view with text note and additional menu options.

New note editing view

These changes will hopefully remove the problems with the Note area that was further complicated when adding additional counters to the project.

Any other suggestions for improvement?  Please leave a comment.

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One Response to Version 3.2

  1. MaryR says:

    Purchased your knit counter today (11-15-10). I love the ability to keep track of both rows and pattern repeats in the same counter. The only problem is that I can’t reset the rows back to zero to start a new pattern repeat. Also, I can only enter one line in the notes area. I would like to be able to enter my pattern. It would be great to have everything in one place. I’m running your knit counter on a EVO.

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