Knit Counter

Knit Counter.

Knit Counter is a user configurable, multi-project, multi-counter application for the Android platform.  It supports Android OS version 1.5 and later.


This is the main menu where you can either open an existing project or add a new one.  You can associate counters with multiple projects so you can have one for say Socks and another for a Sweater or a Shawl, etc.


This is the current screen to add a new project.  All projects get two configurable counters which you can set the label for. The values here are the default ones.


Once you’ve created a project, you can access it via the listing of existing projects.  From the context menu here, you can delete the project.  When you delete the last one, you’ll be taken to the add new screen.

This is the actual project view with both counters and a space for notes.   The touch zone is highlighted in darker blue for better contact.

The context menu here provides a number of options for each counter.   If you set a Max Value, when the counter hits that value it will start over again.  It defaults to 0 or no maximum.  You can also set a starting value.

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  1. Meredith says:

    I love your apps! I use both. Ever think of developing an app to keep track of your yarn stash? Maybe one with a barcode scanning feature? I would def pay for that!

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