KnitCounter 4.0

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Release Notes for 4.0.2

  • Backup / Restore data to/from the SDCard
  • Link/unlink counters
  • Changed Note edit screen for better functionality
  • Changed color scheme for better readability and reduced power consumption (black is less of a power drain on the newer devices).
  • (4.0.1 has potential permissions problem writing to sd card)

Updated Screenshots

Main Screen / Menu


NOTE:  The restore option will completely replace the data on the device.  Anything added since the last backup will be lost.

Project View

This an actual screenshot of the counters for a project I’m knitting!  Yes, I’m not just the programmer, but also a knitter and user of the app :)

New options in Counter Long-Press context menu

You can now link counters together.  First you need to set a max value for the controlling counter.  In my project above, that is the Row Counter.  And if you look closely, you can see a small “Linked” between the name and counter value.  This is to indicate that the setting “took”.  When it hits the max value, the linked counter increments automatically.  In the above screen, it is the Increase Row, as the pattern directs to increase every 6th row 8 times.  Yup, I’m almost there.

Tink is also handled so if your tinking (un-knitting) and that value will roll back when it should.

Fixed note edit screen

The note edit screen has been fixed to show the Enter key, which will now allow you to format paragraphs like shown above.

Any other suggestions for improvement?  Please leave a comment.

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