KnitCounter 4.1

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Release Notes for 4.1.0

  • Link/unlink counters has been reworked to allow for linking to multiple counters
  • If a Max is set for the master counter, the linked will only increment when the max it hit. ┬áIf no max, then linked counters will always increment
  • Added a reminder Help to the Project screen regarding the linking
  • Added ability to email the note.
  • Updated Screenshots

Modified menu for the project screen

There is the new Help text:

Help text to serve as a reminder on how linked counters work

Updated Counter long press menu:

Long press the counter name for this menu. Note updated options

And finally, the modified Link view:

Link one or many counters

Any other suggestions for improvement or any questions about how something works, please leave a comment or email me.

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4 Responses to KnitCounter 4.1

  1. Heather296 says:

    Wow – I need to get a phone with a bigger screen now. :-) I have, but not longer use, a row counter called “peg it” that allows you to count pattern rows, pattern repeats, inc or dec rows and inc or dec repeats. It was a pain (and totally not usuable when you have “helpful” cats) but it was very useful when knitting something that had a lot going on. Your counter now does all that and more. I was playing around with it this morning seeing what I could make it do and I ran out of ideas before it did. Amazing. I’ll cross post on Ravelry – people need to know this counter is out there (too bad Remnants is gone away).

    • Claire says:

      Please do post on Ravelry. I am trying to understand how to use this little app and you might be a great resource. Where are you going to make your post? I would like to go there and ask some questions.

  2. Christine says:

    Hi, just wondering if there is a way to delete projects that are completed, or something I made a mistake on and am not using. Thank you!

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