SpinTech 2.0

After a longer delay than I hoped, I’ve just released to the Marketplace an upgrade to SpinTech.  The much anticipated Logging capability is now included!  Also added the Manage Database functionality like that in Knit Counter.  You can save/restore your data to the SDCard.

New main screen with additional button. Hit menu button for Database Management functions.

Add a new yarn that you spun!

Menu options available

A gallery like listing of your entered spinning project - long press to delete one. Press Menu option to Add another.

If you try to load these with the SDCard not mounted, the images will not display but the data will.

As always, any problems, questions, feedback, please contact me either through email or a comment here!

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2 Responses to SpinTech 2.0

  1. I must say that I am really enjoying this app! It is so handy to have it on my phone so that I can make any notes I need or use the calculator tools. I really like the Spinning Log for the detail of information that can be entered and I like the fact that the database can be exported to the SD card. This will save me loosing my information if there is another upgrade to my OS or if my phone has to be reset to factory settings for some reason. I am wondering if the information in the database is accessible to other programs, if I can pull information from Spin Tech to, say my blog?

    I did find a couple of issues though. Upon saving a new listing in the spinning log the application force closes. Though the information seems to save completely despite the force close I thought that you would want to be aware of it, in case there was another issue that I’m not aware of. Also, in the spinning log when I tried to put in the information for TPI/WPI the app will only let me enter in numbers. For example, a single ply yarn that I recently gave up trying to get to ply properly IE fix (issues when I was first learning to spin on a wheel) has been delegated to the ‘weave with it’ pile. Since the yarn is very lumpy and unevenly spun I was trying to enter in WPI 4-42 but the box only takes numbers. If this was something that could be rectified in a later update that would be nifty.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to develop such a helpful app for us spinners!! It is much appreciated.

    Dorrane Bernard

  2. Jan W. says:

    Are there any plans to add angle of twist to the Spin Tech app? Sure could use this as part of this wonderful app, as I manage to calculate wrong every time on my own. I sure could use a tool to help calculate the angle properly . Thanks.

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