Counter Help

Current Value: Use this to set the number for the counter to use now.
Maximum Value: Leave at 0 to count without limit. Otherwise set the upper limit
for the counter to hit. Once reached, it will start again at the minimum value.
Minimum Value: This sets the minimum value for the counter. When used in conjunction with the Maximum value, you can set
up a counter that will keep track of a pattern where you are repeating a particular row range (i.e. 7 through 12). The default is 0.
Count Down: Set to On to count down instead of up. (i.e. 10, 9, 8, 7…). Default is Count Up (off)
Linking Counters: Linking counters allows you to increment multiple counters with a single tap. The “master” counter contains a Key icon in the project view.
When the linked counter increments depends on the settings of the “master” counter. If this counter has NO maximum set, then the linked counter
will always increment. However if there is a Max, then the linked counter will only increment when the max is hit.
Linking Example: Pattern calls for knitting pattern rows 2 through 12 a total of 5 times, while keeping track of total rows worked. The counter setup would be:
Counter 1:
  • Name: Rows Worked
  • Min: 0
  • Max: 0
Counter 2:
  • Name: Pattern Row
  • Min: 2
  • Max: 12
  • Curr: 2
Counter 3:
  • Name: Pattern Repeats
  • Min: 0
  • Max: 0
  • Counter 1 to Counter 2
  • Counter 2 to Counter 3

When a row is finished, simply click Counter 1. Counter 2 will then increment every row with values ranging between 2 and 12. Counter 3 will increment each time Counter 2 reaches 12.

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