KnitCounter 4.1

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Release Notes for 4.1.0

  • Link/unlink counters has been reworked to allow for linking to multiple counters
  • If a Max is set for the master counter, the linked will only increment when the max it hit.  If no max, then linked counters will always increment
  • Added a reminder Help to the Project screen regarding the linking
  • Added ability to email the note.
  • Updated Screenshots

Modified menu for the project screen

There is the new Help text:

Help text to serve as a reminder on how linked counters work

Updated Counter long press menu:

Long press the counter name for this menu. Note updated options

And finally, the modified Link view:

Link one or many counters

Any other suggestions for improvement or any questions about how something works, please leave a comment or email me.

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KnitCounter 4.0

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Release Notes for 4.0.2

  • Backup / Restore data to/from the SDCard
  • Link/unlink counters
  • Changed Note edit screen for better functionality
  • Changed color scheme for better readability and reduced power consumption (black is less of a power drain on the newer devices).
  • (4.0.1 has potential permissions problem writing to sd card)

Updated Screenshots

Main Screen / Menu


NOTE:  The restore option will completely replace the data on the device.  Anything added since the last backup will be lost.

Project View

This an actual screenshot of the counters for a project I’m knitting!  Yes, I’m not just the programmer, but also a knitter and user of the app :)

New options in Counter Long-Press context menu

You can now link counters together.  First you need to set a max value for the controlling counter.  In my project above, that is the Row Counter.  And if you look closely, you can see a small “Linked” between the name and counter value.  This is to indicate that the setting “took”.  When it hits the max value, the linked counter increments automatically.  In the above screen, it is the Increase Row, as the pattern directs to increase every 6th row 8 times.  Yup, I’m almost there.

Tink is also handled so if your tinking (un-knitting) and that value will roll back when it should.

Fixed note edit screen

The note edit screen has been fixed to show the Enter key, which will now allow you to format paragraphs like shown above.

Any other suggestions for improvement?  Please leave a comment.

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Spin Tech 1.1

This release is also a small one.

  • ~Fixed calculations underlying the WPI/grist
  • ~Fixed landscape layout of the TPI tool
  • +Ability to switch the background/foreground color in the WPI (menu button option)
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KnitCounter 3.3.1

This release is a bug fix release.

I thank the user that brought it to my attention that there was a problem with the new notes area.  It seems that I had a bit of a typo in the source code that resulted in all notes being added to the first project.  If you had happened to delete the first project, then it resulted in an application error.

As always, if there are problems, please do let me know.

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SpinTech 1.0

It’s here, SpinTech 1.0.  The first spinner’s toolkit for the Android Platform.

Main menu

The WPI tool is configurable as to the range of starting/ending values to display.  Here’s a sample:

WPI tool

There’s also a collection of calculators:


Each are pretty straightforward and handy to have.  I wish I had the Niddy calculator when I had my old Niddy Noddy that measured in 60″.  Just remember a yard is 36″ :)

Any problems, please do let me know!

A spinner’s log will be added to a future release with space for notes regarding your finished yarn, as well as picture storage!

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Version 3.2

Download it!
Releases for 3.2

  • Add sound effect when counter is clicked
  • Add ability to toggle keep screen awake, but with battery saving dimming ability.  Default is disabled.
  • Changed Note area to text only on Project page, added editing capability on its own page for better viewing

Revised project view with text note and additional menu options.

New note editing view

These changes will hopefully remove the problems with the Note area that was further complicated when adding additional counters to the project.

Any other suggestions for improvement?  Please leave a comment.

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Version 3.1

Release notes for 3.1
  • Add additional counters
  • Edit existing counters
  • Delete counters
  • Auto completion options for Labels in the add/edit counter screen

If you hit the menu button from the Project view, there’s a new option to Add Counter which will take you to this screen.

The auto complete will give you the basic options for labels along the lines of :

  • Increase Rows
  • Increase Repeat
  • Decrease Row
  • Decrease Repeat
  • Pattern Row
  • etc

The context menu (long press) on the counter has also been modified to add Edit/Delete Counter to it.

Finally, here’s a view of the Project with more than 2 counters.

I’m working on a revision to the Note area for when you add more than 3 counters to a project as it gets far too small.   In the meantime, you can get a sizable note and 3 counters on a single screen.

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Version 2.2

The new version went live in the marketplace, very early on 10/11/2010.   This release was one where a couple of defects were fixed.

Release Notes: 2.2

  • Fix for database creation for new installations to prevent the “Force Quit” screen when accessing the first project
  • Fix for the Counter Max setting on adding a new project

If you upgraded from 1 to 2.1 and created a new project, you’ll need to access the context menu to set the counter max value.  The counters will then work as expected.

If 2.1 was a new installation, please uninstall and download 2.2 from the market.

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Knit Counter

Knit Counter.

Knit Counter is a user configurable, multi-project, multi-counter application for the Android platform.  It supports Android OS version 1.5 and later.


This is the main menu where you can either open an existing project or add a new one.  You can associate counters with multiple projects so you can have one for say Socks and another for a Sweater or a Shawl, etc.


This is the current screen to add a new project.  All projects get two configurable counters which you can set the label for. The values here are the default ones.


Once you’ve created a project, you can access it via the listing of existing projects.  From the context menu here, you can delete the project.  When you delete the last one, you’ll be taken to the add new screen.

This is the actual project view with both counters and a space for notes.   The touch zone is highlighted in darker blue for better contact.

The context menu here provides a number of options for each counter.   If you set a Max Value, when the counter hits that value it will start over again.  It defaults to 0 or no maximum.  You can also set a starting value.

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